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Acerca de

I am a painter who loves painting landscapes from New Zealand and around the world. I have been making art since as long as I can remember and took my first serious landscape commission when I was 24. I live in Christchurch with my wife, Daniella, and two young boys, Leo and James.

I have been a teacher for almost 20 years and spent the last 8 years of my teaching career teaching art at International Schools in South Africa and Hong Kong. While overseas I was able to complete a number of commissions from around the world including the Canadian lake scene in the video on this page.

After arriving back in Christchurch mid-2022, I have been painting full time. I continue to be drawn to landscapes around Canterbury and the South Island. I have a particular love of the Arthurs Pass area where I spent many weekends tramping in my youth, and most of my recent paintings are scenes from this area.

I prefer familiar landscapes with a strong light source and I try to capture the subtle textures and small details so the viewer not only sees as the scene, but also feels it.


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