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Saturday 14th Sept

Guests Arrive (9:30 am)


Morning Tea/Coffee (10:00 am)

We'll begin by visiting Lake Grasmere to stand in our painting before heading back to the studio.


Introduction to Oil Painting and my 5-step process.


Painting steps 1 and 2 (these steps are full of secrets so I'm not going to add any more detail here)

Lunch (12:30 pm)

Painting step 3

Afternoon walkabout - viewing the world through the lens of an artist


Afternoon Tea/Coffee (4:00 pm)

Personal time, although you're very welcome to keep painting in the studio. I will continue to help as long as you need. 


Dinner (7:00 pm)


Snack (9-10:00 pm)

Sunday 15th Sept

Breakfast (8:00 am)

Morning Walk/Talk

Painting step 4


Morning Tea/Coffee (10:00 am)

Painting step 5


Lunch (12:30pm)

Finishing touches, edges, glazes and varnishing options


Afternoon Tea (3:00pm)


Guests Depart (approx 3:30-4pm)


Due to weather, I may move parts of the itinerary around such as visiting Lake Grasmere at a different time or

spending longer/shorter on a step depending on guests needs.

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